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"Document-translation" - translations agency in Moscow - has a vast experience of fulfillment of written translations of documents in different spheres of state-of-the-art knowledge, including single-discipline fields. Competent linguists-translators of our team scrupulously cope with the tasks they are entrusted with: whether its istehnical transation of tender documentation, translation of charter documents of an exempted company or medical translation of a medical report.

We offer optimal solutions at a reasonable price

For our team of professionals there exist no "small" and "big" projects. Each single application for translation of documents is accepted to work. And we with the same apportionment of liability approach both a passport translation, anda charter translation.

We fulfill not with less liability a certified translation for getting a Schengen visa, temporary residence permit (TRP), RF citizenship etc. Any certified translation, made at our company has a personal handwritten signature of a translator, its own unique number and is recorded in a notarial register.

In modern life rhythm an instant translation of documents is often required. Working in "non-stop" mode we translate texts that were required as early as yesterday.

Having a dialogue with each customerin a constructive way, the team of our translations agency creates comfortable conditions for the successful cooperation in the field of translation services.

Professional translation services at a translation agency in Moscow, for companies and private persons

Service for a megacity

  • making out and receipt of an order without leaving a work place;
  • manual translation;
  • formatting according to an original.

Daily, any volume of a text

from 355 RUB per 1 page

Instant on-line translations

Written translation of documents in expeditious manner, i.e. in late evening, at night, at days off and holidays.

If a translation was needed as early as yesterday

it takes from 30 minutes to make a translation

Notary certification of translations

Attesting of a signature genuineness of a peson who has made a translation.

Official status of translation

800 RUB per 1 document

Переводы текстов во всех областях современных знаний

Юридический перевод

Перевод договоров, соглашений, уставов, судебных решений, правовой литературы

Технический перевод

Перевод инструкций, нормативных стандартов (СНИПов, ГОСТов), чертежей, проектной документации

Медицинский перевод

Перевод врачебных заключений, справок, эпикризов, текстов по фармакологии

Художественный перевод

Перевод сказок, сценариев, песен, литературных произведений

Научный перевод

Перевод материалов конференций, статей, научных разработок, исследований ученых

Узкоспециализированный перевод

Перевод материалов специального назначения для узких специалистов

Перевод личных документов

Перевод паспортов, свидетельств о рождении, дипломов, трудовых книжек

Перевод сайтов

Перевод текстовых материалов веб-ресурсов, верстка графических изображений

Перевод редких языков

Перевод осуществляется носителями языков: амхарский, дари, монгольский, пушту и др.

High quality of translations is confirmed by professional behaviour and responsibility of the translators. Linguists-native speakers also cooperate with us.

To order a translation of documents

Address to our translations agency. We will be pleased to construct a dialogue with you!